repair  that wobbly chair or sticky drawer

renew  well used dining room set

repurpose  that broken table into something useful

Furniture is a functional and decorative part of your home.  A lifetime of wear and tear can compromise those much loved chairs, or well used table.  But, you know how hard it is to find good quality furniture these days.  Grandma’s gems or that yard sale find could be nice if only the legs weren’t loose or the seat wasn't broken.  So why not fix that family heirloom, favorite piece of furniture, or new treasure?


These days it makes sense (and feels good) to reuse, reduce and recycle.  I would be happy to help you determine if something is worth repair, could be renewed, or maybe repurposed.  Call for a free estimate or to talk over a prospective project.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the price can be to get your furniture fixed.