Nothing is more satisfying to me than creating something useful, beautiful, and long lasting.  Puzzling out problems and finding a fix are pretty gratifying too.  Over the years this creative energy has gone into varied disciplines and businesses like woodworking, graphic arts, baking and sewing.  Whether it is furniture, fabric or food I enjoy the fashioning process as much as the end result.


My woodworking background is based on 15 years of experience in cabinetmaking, interior architectural fabrication, and freelance work for the South Street Seaport Museum in NYC.  I also co-owned a custom cabinetmaking shop, and worked in furniture restoration.


I like to live a renewable lifestyle, so what could be better than being able to fix something basic like furniture.  Recycling is rewarding too – whether it is creating soil from food scraps, finding a new home for unused items, or repurposing wooden things.  Working hard at figuring out the right fix for the job is what it’s all about.


All this happens in New Paltz with my family, fish and wild woodland friends.

Naomi Aubain



PS - I designed and created this maple and cherry cabinet.